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Manhattan Real Estate – Do you make a Right Offer?

How Do You Know You Made the Right Offer for a home?

The rules of the game here in Manhattan are very different from any other place. Therefore, doing your homework OR finding the right broker for you are very important. Our job is to help you determine what kinds of apartments and neighborhoods are suitable for you, and to guide you in regards to the property price, in order to select the best match for your real estate needs and budget.

When there is a “perfect” home comes on the market.  One of those homes that is difficult to comp.  It seems to be a little overpriced, but not grossly so. What will you do next?

  1. You can wait awhile, see it sit on the market, and watch the price drop
  2. You can make a low offer and waiting for either counter offer or rejected.
  3. Or you can overpay for the house.

Otherwise, If you are not sure that you are making the right offer for your next home in Manhattan, please hire a real estate broker who not only can help you to find perfect home for you but also help you buy it at perfect price and help you go thought all the closing process without any headache.  We are the real estate broker who studies home and price every day; we will assist you to make right decision.

There is a tip for you is, if it is a very unique home that you love so much, you may consider making full price offer right away instead later on if there is another buyer step in, then that would be either you have to pay more for the unit or become backup position.

Since in Manhattan the buyers don’t have to pay commission to your broker, why don’t you heir the broker to help you not only save your money but also hassle Free.

I have the privilege work with The Voda Group at Prudential Douglas Elliman. The Voda Group has been the top, award winning sales team at Prudential Douglas Elliman since 2003. We pride ourselves as specialists in Manhattan real estate sales.  We are confident that the value of service and skill we deliver is unparalleled. You can also view my profile, other properties and contract signed at