Real Estate – Interest Rates at Historic Lows Again

Interest Rates at Historic Lows Again!!!!

        We May Never See This Opportunity Again
        Don’t Miss Out
        Call, Email, Fax

Foreign Buyer Loan Programs

          $1,500,000 to 75% LTV (Primary Homes)
        $1,500,000 to 70% LTV (Second Homes)
        $3,000,000 to 60% LTV (Primary & Second Homes)

        60% LTV for Interest Only on all ARM Products
In addition, we offer Traditional Loans under the following parameters…

        Non-Warrantable Condos HSBC will be the first to lend in a building        
        Stated Income Loans for Self-Employed Borrowers
          Interest Only Loans Available for all ARM Products

Soft Market Designation for New York City has been removed…
  Loan Amounts offered to the following LTV’s and Amounts…V
 to $2,000,000
% LT   80% LTV to $2,000,000
          75% LTV to $3,000,000
          65% LTV to $4,000,000
          60% LTV to $5,000,000
**Larger loan amounts available through Private Bank

Please feel free to email or call regarding any deals or scenarios you are working on or looking into.  It is my pleasure to assist in any capacity.


Craig Greissman
Premier Mortgage Consultant  |  HSBC Bank USA, N.A. – Mortgage Sales
1790 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
NMLS ID: 60362

Phone.     212-378-4812
Fax.         212-642-4042
Mobile.     917-553-1847
Internet.    Apply Here



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