NYC Real Estate – An Advice for Purchasing Home

I am constantly running into prospective home buyers who want to purchase a house but they haven’t a Pre-approval letter from lender.

They talk with me to persuade me to take them out looking for a house! But when the subject of their CREDIT and MORTGAGE APPROVAL comes up, it may answer like, “I believe everything is fine, let’s just go house shopping first and after I found the property I like, I will pursue the Mortgage!” But the disappointment would be like this, those house hunters either lost the chance to purchase the home they like due to the timely of the pre-approval process or they can’t qualify for a Mortgage for this particular home that they like so much.

Why need pre-approval before search:

-Do not wasting your time
-You will know how much money that you will be eligible to borrow
-You will know what price range you can afford
-You will action quickly, when you find the home you love
Seller will be more likely to accept an offer from a pre-qualified buyer.
-If you see some errors on your credit report, you can resolve them right away

The fact is, most of us, unless we are paying cash, will need a Mortgage and Mortgage Approval! Why not deal with it up front so that the path is clear for your next home purchase. PressThis to read Tips for Reinforce Credit Score to Buy your Dream Home.

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