Real Estate Volume Manhattan vs. Good time to buy

Now is the good time to buy. Smart investors always buy the real estate in the down market. The 1st quarter of the average price of an apartment in Manhattan fell in the first quarter, but we didn’t see the volume of the real estate business compare to the year of 2010. So the question is where are those buyers? According to the latest Spending and Saving Tracker from American Express, more than two in five (41 percent) of Americans said that it’s a buyer’s market for real estate. However, over 61 percent agree that a seller’s market is at least a year away. Also tight credit and a lack of the new construction were other issues.
Real estate is a long-term investment opportunity. In this shifting real estate market, you may be able to purchase investment real estate that will secure your financial goals for the long term. If you want to invest real estate in Manhattan, now is the good time to buy. Interest rate is still very low. There are plenty inventories available. Prices have adjusted so homes more affordable than before. And now no one argue about the homes’ value. One thing is for sure, the market will be returning. Manhattan real estate will boom another 20 years. Warren Buffett said, everyone sells he buy, everyone buys he sell. Therefore don’t wait the last minute to follow the crew to buy the real estate. You will lose the chance to get the nice apartment in a best price.
Manhattan Real Estate Market is very unique. The entire purchase process is different than anywhere else in the world. If you are interesting to have a FREE consultation, if you have any question about buy or sell real estate in Manhattan, contact us directly Diana Wu at 516-320-0231 (cell) or email me at, I work for The Voda Group, the 2010 AWARD-WINNER from Prudential Douglas Elliman.

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