Manhattan Real Estate – Tips for 1st Time Homebuyers

Before you begin your home shop:

1)   Get your credit report.  

2)   Talk to a mortgage lender to know how much you could get for the loan from bank

3)   You need to have an idea of what kind apartment you want and what neighborhood you like to live.

4)   Make a list of things that  you want and need. No apartment would be 100% perfect, so focus on the list of needs.

When you start to hunt your dream home:

1)   Don’t judge the apartment by your heart, but by your head

2)   Apartment in good sharp would sell very fast, so you need act fast

3)   Some old apartment may has the potential. Real estate is a long-term investment opportunity

4)   You can’t  negotiate the maintenance fee, however there are some building charge a cheap fee

5)   Check the building soundproof and look at possible structural and the foundation.

6)   Check electrical systems to make sure for safety hazard.

7)   Make sure that all the machines are working

8)   Check the financial report of the building

9)   know who manage the building and what kind of truck record do they have

Manhattan Real Estate Market is very unique. The entire purchase process is different than anywhere else in the world. If you are interesting to have a FREE consultation, if you have any question about sell real estate in Manhattan, contact me directly Diana Wu at 516-320-0231 (cell) or email me at, I work for The Voda Group, the  AWARD-WINNER group from Prudential Douglas Elliman.

To learn more about our custom-designed marketing plans, visit my website at: to receive a complimentary valuation of your home, or to discuss any real estate related topics, please contact us today.

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