New York City real estate – Pros & Cons – Condo vs. Co-op

Condominiums – Pros
Condos are generally less expensive than Townhouse in Manhattan
• Most Condo often including amenities such as pool, gym and rooftop or terrace
• Good to be a vacation home
• Easy approval
• Flexibility in financing
• Lower maintenance fee
• Freedom

Condominiums – Cons
• High price and Legal responsibility
• Noise from neighbors
Homeowner association fee, and building reserve fund
• Building policy and CC&R restrictions
• Share the common area
• The common areas and facilities of the condo complex are shared by each of the units’ owners

Cooperation – Pros
• Control your own living space
• As a shareholder, you are entitled to deduct your share of the real estate taxes and mortgage interest paid by the cooperative on tax years. Check out Tax Deductions for more info
• Most the buildings are co-op in Manhattan, and you have wide choice
Co-ops cost 20% to 30% less than the identical condos
Closing costs of approximately 1% of the contract price which is far less than condos
• A lot of new co-ops have a amnesties, pool, gym or Terrace

Cooperation – Cons
• Purchase the co-op is stringent co-op board
• It may restrictions on the sublease, allowing guarantor, co-purchase, gift money from parents, pied-a-terre
• Usually require a minimum down payment of 25%
• Most Boards inspect a prospective buyer’s liquid assets, income, debt, work history, etc.
• Often the monthly maintenance of amount exceed than condo’s common charge plus real estate tax
• When the owner of the unit sells their apartment, the buyer has to approval by the board through the application process.
• There is a flip tax when you sell the unit to benefit the building’s reserve fund
• Usually the unit is not allowed to use for business purpose
• Renovations may have to approval by the board

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