New York Real Estate Market – General & Prices of Manhattan Upper Eastside

Upper East Side is one of the elegant neighborhoods in Manhattan. The neighborhood is bordered by east side Central Park and East river, from 59th Street to 96th Street. It located in the area with fine arts, fine restaurants, chic fashion boutiques and famous residential buildings. Carnegie Hill is the most prestigious neighborhood for families in the upper eastside.

There are many cultural institutions at Upper eastside and along its “Museum Mile,” such as Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MoMA, Whitney, and Guggenheim museums, etc. Upper eastside, it’s famous for its museums, Central Park, and expensive real estate and wealthy residents. Beside Central park, you also can relax at John Jay Park and Carl Shurz Park.

Some of the best of New York City public schools are there. One of the very famous one is P.S. 6 Lillie Devereux Blake School. There are a good math and writing program in elementary school as well. The famous college, Columbia University also located upper eastside.

Transportation includes a number of buses running North-South, M31, M15, M101, M102, and M103. The cross-town buses are M57, M72, M86, M96 and M106. The subways are 4, 5, and 6 on Lexington Ave and stations at 59th, 68th, 77th, 86th and 96th street. There are plentiful taxicab services in that area too.

The majority of the real estate in upper eastside is condos, co-ops, townhouses and some single family homes. The brownstone-style luxury homes are price from $4 to 9 Million. However, if you are willing to purchase some co-op toward further east, you may find more affordable apt, such as 509 E 88th street. Some one-bedroom sells as low as $263,000 with maintains $849/mo in today’s market. One-bedroom’s condo is selling as low as around upper $500,000 like 1474 3rd Ave, today asking is $565,000 with common charge of $741/mo and real estate tax $577/mo. For two-bedroom, you can find as low as $774,999 with maintenance of $1,183/mo for co-op (301 E 62nd St.). Of course, if you move closing to central park, the price will rise significantly. 27 East 65th Street for co-op asking price is $1,295,000. Some others ask for $4,500,000 which also a co-op building (1100 Park Avenue). Therefore, there are various properties in upper eastside. It fits all different people’s criteria. Check currently listed homes for sale in Manhattan Upper Eastside New York. See market trends of Manhattan Upper Eastside average home prices, property values in that area.

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