Manhattan Real Estate Glossary – Types of Rooms

Manhattan is a very unique area; therefore, understanding the terminology will be very important in order to help you to find your next perfect home. When you search the properties in Manhattan, you will see list of rooms. A room in Manhattan should be more than 100 Sq Ft with a window, but not bathroom. Kitchen, if is full kitchen count as 1 room, however, Petite Kitchen / Pullman kitchen count as 0 room. Therefore, a studio with Pullman Kitchen is considered 1 room. Studio with full kitchen is considered 2 rooms. An alcove studio with full kitchen is 2.5 rooms, and junior-1 with full kitchen with no wall also is 2.5 rooms. If junior-1 with full kitchen with a wall is 3 rooms.  A junir-4 with living room, full kitchen dining alcove is 3.5 rooms. Convertible-2, living room, kitchen and dining alcove also is 3.5 rooms.

Studio: usually is a straight room with Pullman Kitchen (1room), or full kitchen (2rooms)

Alcove Studio: Is a “L” shaped studio with Pullman Kitchen (1.5 rooms) or full kitchen (2.5 rooms)

Alcove: a room smaller than 100 Sq Ft, as a half room. Sometimes it can be a dining alcove or sleeping alcove.

Duplex: usually means 2-level apartments.

Loft area: a space above the living area which needs a staircase or ladder, and is used for extra storage or sleeping.

Junior or convertible: This is an apartment with an alcove which could be converted into an extra room, either a bedroom or dining room.

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